Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Trying to write the prologue

A man was standing in front of his house. He was still in his pajamas. He watched the bills in his hand. Silently his mind calculated the sum of the bills, his monthly expense and his salary. It was the same as last month and months before. After he paid all his bills, he had to use his credit card to survive.

He muttered under his breath, "I wish this world just end..."

His eyes trailed to the road before him. His mind played one of the scenes in Walking Dead series.

--- o --- 

An old couple were watching crime news in the TV. They kept on sighing and saying how the past was better, the people were nicer and so on. At some point the wife said, "I wish God come soon and judge this evil world."

Her husband nodded and said, "I wish I live to see it done."

--- o ---

A teenage boy lay helplessly in one dark alley. It was just another bad day for him. Recently bad days happened more frequently. Somehow the bullies in his new school decided to set their eyes on him. Sighing, he thought of the years he still had to go through, in the same school, with the same bullies.

"I wish this world ends. Famines, nuclear wars, whatever.... I prefer zombies though, they're much cooler...", he spoke in a mocking tone.

--- o ---

An activist who was thrown in jail a few months ago, was sleeping in his cell. His eyes stared the ceiling and he bitterly swore at the rich and the powerful, "Nothings gonna change... less this world destroyed and we can start a new one..."

--- o ---

Three men watched these flickers of thoughts and desperation in silent.

One of them, a slick young man in his twenties smiled and said, "Soon, my time will come sooner than expected... I can feel it in me. My power is growing stronger by seconds. Soon it's going to reach its peak."

He wore black leather jacket and jeans. He was devilishly charmed young man, with interracial features adorned his face.

"What's your plan?", the other man in that room asked.

From his look, he seemed like an office worker in his forties. The middle aged man warily eyeing his younger co-worker.

Co-workers that was how he called the other two men in that room. Each one of them had the power that came from the seat. One as the builder. He wasn't the creator, since he didn't have the power to actually create something out of nothing. He could only work with existing materials and laws.

Then he himself, as the guardian, the mother, the protector of creation and so many other names. His power and his job was to keep the world worked as the builder made them to be, as long as it could.

And last, the destroyer. That young man with attitude.

The guardian frowned, he had some doubt of that young man. That young man just came into his position few hundred years ago.

He still remembered how much he feared the previous destroyer. One ancient knight, with three heads, a man, a tiger and a hawk. His body was as huge as a polar bear, with thick armor like skin, like a rhinoceros. He never laugh. He sat on the seat of the destroyer for aeons before suddenly disappeared. The guardian feared him but he preferred to have that experienced monstrous ancient to wield the power now, during the period where the destroyer totally ruled the universe. He saw how the old destroyer worked. He didn't destroy everything thoroughly, he always left part of the old world intact for the guardian to heal it.

In a sense, the world never dies but it merely changed, evolve into something new, re-born. The builder hardly does any major work. Only some new species here and there. Small changes in the ecosystem. New materials compound.

But with this new destroyer, the guardian didn't have any idea how he will use his power. As far as he knew, with his power this young man could disintegrate everything so much that the builder would have to build everything from scratch.

The young man in the black leather jacket grinned, he winked and said, "Are you worried old man?"

The guardian grunted in response, his eyes turned to look at the oldest among them three, the builder.

As usual, this ancient old man always smiled with a twinkle in his eyes. The builder looked like an old monk or hermit in Tintin's adventure. A skinny old man, with long white beard and balding head. The guardian had sat on his seat for more than two million years and he never heard the builder said a word. He just made various expression and gestures to convey his feeling.

"Well, you have nothing to worry about me old man. I already have some plan in my head.", said the destroyer.

"I wonder if you would be kind enough to share.", said the guardian.

The destroyer laughed, "C'mon... shouldn't you patiently sit and watch? I'll show it to you...."

"In a minute.", said the destroyer.

He calmly watched the guardian's expression before exploded in laughter.

"In a minute, do you get it? <laugh> God's day is one thousand years, well we're not God, let's say one day is hundred years....<laugh> one minute... <laugh>"

The guardian rolled his eyes, while the builder watched them two like a father amused at his two sons.

Finally the destroyer calmed down and pretentiously sighed, "Aw man... you're such a boring old man. Look even grandpa laughed."

The guardian coldly said, "He never laugh, just smile."

The destroyer shrugged his shoulder.

With his eyes fixed on the the guardian's, he spoke sentence by sentence, "I never feel this strong before. I think I can unravel even the fabric of this universe itself. Disintegrate it into pieces, so small that grandpa had to work really long to build anything resemble to your beloved earth."

"What do you say about it?", the destroyer asked the guardian.

The middle aged man didn't show any emotion. He didn't utter any word as well. The younger man taunted him from time to time. There was nothing new about it.

"Will you quietly watched me destroy them?", the destroyer grinned when he saw the corner of the guardian's eyes twitched.

"Why would you do such thing?", the guardian finally opened his mouth.

He could say nothing and that young man would kept on pestering him for a very long time.

The destroyer shrugged his shoulder. For a moment he seemed troubled, before he returned to his mocking tone.

"Why not? Aren't you bored at what we do? I destroy it and you heal it, then I destroy it again and you heal it again. Grandpa doesn't have much to do for aeons, right grandpa?"

The builder nodded his head, with the smile that never left his face.

"So why not? Have you ever saw how grandpa build the universe from scratch? When there is nothing but elements without form.", the destroyer asked the guardian.

The middle aged man shook his head. No, he wasn't that old. Perhaps the previous destroyer had seen it once. Perhaps that was why he never used his power to destroy everything and always left the earth intact.

"Aren't you curious, why we all here have humanoid form? If grandpa has to start everything from the very beginning, will the first conscious being still have humanoid form?"

"I'm not interested to find that out.", said the guardian.

"How about a game?", the destroyer asked.

"A game?", the guardian couldn't help it.

"Yes, a game. I will pick one species as my champion and you pick one as yours. Perhaps humans who you loved so much. The one who exterminated the other win. If you win, then I won't use my power to shred the universe to pieces. I'll leave earth as it is.", said the destroyer.

The guardian knew the result of the game would be devastating. It wouldn't be far from the time, when the previous destroyer flooded part of the earth. Or when he sent the earth to extreme climate change. Depended on the battle, it might even close to the time when he sent a huge meteorites that killed more than half of earth inhabitants.

But at least he still had a chance to save some of them. The guardian nodded his head.

"I take human as my champion."

The destroyer nodded knowingly, "Then I pick the demon race as my champion."

"Are you going to open the abyss?", the guardian asked with a heavy heart.

The destroyer nodded, there was no smile on his face when he did that.

--- o ---

Oblivious to the conversation, three 2nd year students at Fuzhou university walked along a less busy road near their dormitory.

"I told you, this place is perfect!", the one who spoke was tall.

His name was Ding Yun, aside from his height, nothing much to be proud of his look. He had average look and build. He actually had the frame, if only he seriously trained his muscles. His other two friends were just as average in look, without the benefit of his height. The one with messy hair, was Huang Wen and the smallest one with glasses was Cao Bao.

"That's what you say to almost everything.", said Cao Bao.

"Yes, this time we won't buy it, until we see it ourselves.", said Huang Wen.

"Sure, sure, I made some miss judgements in the past, but this time you will have to agree with me. I took into account our previous discussion. This place is perfect."

It took them another 30 minutes to reach their destination. It was a dead end alley. The alley itself was quite narrow, just about half meters wide. On one side was a tall apartment and the other side was a small Chinese restaurant. Behind the Chinese restaurant, was an abandoned junk yard. It was small only 2x4 m2, walled with tall building on all sides that the sun probably never touched it for years. The restaurant's trash container blocked the view to that yard from the street.

"See..., no one would see this place from the street."

"Shit... you really found one", Cao Bao.

"Haha, see, I know you'll like it.", Ding Yun satisfied with his friend's reaction.

"Guys... really? It smell like pukes and shit here. It's not for good reason that it's abandoned.", Huang Wen asked with his nose wrinkled.

"Uh... well, we got a trash container here and I guess some people did goes to this alley when they drunk", Ding Yun scratched his head.

"Hey... Lazy Wen, c'mon. Let's do this, we could build some sort of wall here, so people won't enter this yard and then we clean it up. I tell you this world is going to end. We need a safe place.", said Cao Bao.

Huang Wen rolled his eyes. He was called Lazy Wen by his friends because he like to live an easy life. He was allergic to responsibility but once he was convinced to do something, he usually finished what he started. There were not many people who could make him worked on something though. But Cao Bao was one of them.

Cao Bao was one of those people who loved to watch Walking Dead and other apocalyptic movies and animes. He took it a step further than other, he actually researched about zombies, global warming, and various other articles that related to apocalypse. This last few months, he was so sure that the end of the world was coming. He joined this forum where people who thought that the world was coming to its end were gathered and discussed about how to survive such event.

Now, he was so adamant at preparing for the end of the world.

"C'mon bro, wouldn't it's going to be exciting to have a secret hang out? You could even show it to Zhang Xuan once it's finish. She'll see you in a new light", said Ding Yuan.

His other friend, Ding Yun, basically was the kind of person whose energy level was always high. Easily convinced by Cao Bao. Both Ding Yun and Cao Bao knew Huang Wen had a crush on Zhang Xuan, the prettiest girl in their year. Of course, he was naturally had no confidence to approach her. After all, she was the prettiest girl in their class and he was far from anything that extra ordinary.

Huang Wen slapped his forehead and rolled his eyes, "Are you nuts? She'll see me in a new light for sure. She'll think that I'm a pitiful bum."

"What are you saying? Secret hang out is cool bro.", said Ding Yun.

"Alright... alright.... But first, how about trying to get a part time job at the restaurant first?", Huang Wen finally gave up.

"If at least one of us get a part time job in this restaurant. We'll have good reason to be around here. From the way I see it, it will take a long time to fix this junk yard to any form that decent enough to be called a safe place. And depend on how the restaurant's owner personality, we might even ask a permission from him to turn this forgotten junk yard into our own place.", said Huang Wen.

"Haha, I knew it. You act like you don't want any secret hang out, but the truth is you want it too right?", Ding Yun laughed.

His laugh was infectious, once Ding Yun laughed, the other couldn't help but laughed along with him, "Well, it's a bit childish. But who cares..."

They still talked about building their secret place when they arrived at their dormitory.